standard data paks

1. How fast is Hutch 3G broadband?

– Our network is 21Mbps ready. However, actual bandwidth may vary due to factors such as Network coverage, Modem used etc.

2. Is the internet bandwidth guaranteed?

– No, the actual bandwidth will depend on several factors—the most important being the coverage in your area, the distance to the network antenna, the building you are in, and the number of people nearby using the service at the same time.

3. How is Hutch 3G Mobile Broadband different?

– Hutch 3G has a faster, consistent and island wide coverage which is backed by the largest 3G network in the island. We also offer you greater bandwidth for your day to day browsing needs which helps you send emails with attachments much faster.

4. Do I need to change the SIM Card for 3G broadband?

– No, you just need to have a 3G device. You will be automatically be upgraded to the 3G bandwidth.

5. How else can I get 3G broadband?

-Hutch offers a wide range of 3G enabled handheld devices, dongles and MiFi devices to cater to your daily needs.

6. I already have a USB modem from other operator. Can I use a Hutch 3G SIM Card inside?

– Yes, whether you have a dongle/modem bought in Sri Lanka or outside, you can use the Hutch 3G SIM Card inside as long the modem is not locked

7. What will be the cost if I go beyond my allocated internet quota?

– Each pack has a standard rate and once you exceed the given pack internet quota you will be charged at the standard rate.

8. What is a dongle?

– A dongle is small USB stick that is actually a modem that connects to the internet on-the-go.

9. Do I need to sign up for a internet package if I have a SIM card?

– No, you can already start using the internet service from the time your SIM is active. However it is

recommended that you purchase a package of your choice by dialing *131# in order to enjoy better rates.

10. How long does it take to start using the dongle?

A dongle is a plug & play device which requires an automatic set up. The set up will require 5 minutes for running and upon completion you can start using it.

11. Can I make calls and use my phone as a dongle at the same time?

– Yes, you can call and use your phone as a modem at the same time.

12. From where can I purchase the dongle?

– You can buy it from any Hutch Shop across the country. Visit us on for all Hutch Shop locations. You can also buy only our SIM card and use it on an un locked dongle.

13. Can I use it on more than one computer?

– Yes, the dongle is a plug and play device that is compatible with most PC;s, laptops and Apple Macs so simply plug the device into another laptop, install the software and you’re good to go!!! However each dongle may vary slightly depending on the operating system of your computer (Eg: Microsoft Windows).To ensure that your PC,laptop or Mac is supported , please check the system requirement of your device.

14. Can I use it on any laptop/personal computer?

– You can use your dongle in most PCs, laptops and Apple Macs. Each dongle may vary slightly depending upon the Operating System you use on your computer (e.g., Microsoft Windows). To ensure your PC, laptop or Mac is supported; please check the system requirements of the device.

15. Difference between offered theoretical bandwidth and the actual data transfer bandwidth?

  • – Theoretical – Upload/Download Bandwidth
  • – HSDPA : 7.2Mbps(DL)
  • – HSUPA : 5.76Mbps(UL)


Difference between theoretical bandwidth and data transfer bandwidth could differ due to below

  • – Terminal – capacity of the HSPA modem used and hardware capabilities of the computer
  • – Coverage – depending on the type of network coverage available at the time of accessing the internet
  • – Loading – Amount of traffic handled by the base station at a given time
  • – Internet site
  • – Average bandwidth a user experiences between 3 – 4Mbps

16.Internet configuration settings

Handset users can also obtain their internet settings by sending an SMS with the word www to 5879

– Access point (APN)/homepage – Hutch3g
– IP address –
– Port number – 8080
– Dial up number – *99#
– User name – blank
– Password – blank

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