What is BID2WIN?

BID2WIN is a bidding competition where you can win great prizes by becoming the lowest unique bidder. Once registered, you will receive notifications on what prizes are up for grabs! So register now, and start bidding!

Competition will be open to the subscribers on broadcast media or via SMS where they can get to know about the gifts to be won as well as winner details.

How to play?

To register : Type BW & text to 3947
To place a bid : Type BW and text to 3947
To deactivate : Type BWOFF and text to 3947


Subscription is Rs.5+tax per day (You get 4 free bids each day). If you wish to place more bids, you can purchase an additional 4 bids for Rs.5+tax.

Deactivation Method:

Type BW<space>OFF & send to 3947

How the Game works:

Customer A
bids Rs 2

He is the leader with the lowest unique bid.

Customer B
bids Rs.3

This bid is unique, but it is higher than that of Player A. The leader continues to be Player A

Customer A
bids Rs 2

This is now the lowest unique bid. The new leader is Player C.

Customer D
bids Rs 1

Rs.1.00 bid is no-longer unique. Player A (who Bid Rs.2) is once again the leader.

Each player will be updated on the competition status and will receive notifications.

  • > When your bid is the current lowest & unique bid.
  • > When your bid is not the lowest or if its not unique.
  • > If another bidder has placed the same bid as yours (so that you can bid again with a different value)
  • > The competition concludes, and when a new Prize is up for grabs