Feeling restricted when you’re streaming your favourite movies and music, messaging your friends or browsing through your favourite social media site?
Join the Revolution by activating cliQ! Start surfing the internet by the minute, hour or day, offering you the freedom to feel limitless with your internet!
Available for Pre Paid and Post Paid SIM users.

7 Days

Rs. 298
(Taxes Included)
How to activate
SMS i298 to 101
USSD Dial *788#

*FUQ Applies

What is the special feature of cliQ plan compared to other data plans?

cliQ offers you the freedom of buying duration based plans over quota based internet plans.

What is price of the cliQ plan?

Rs.298 inclusive of taxes.

What are methods that I can activate cliQ plans?

There are two ways:

  • 1. By dialing *788#
  • 2. By SMS, type i298 & send to 101.

How does the validity of the plan calculate?

The duration starts from the time you activated the plan. For example, if you activate a plan at 10am on 1st of Aug, the plan expires at 10am on 8th of Aug.

What if I purchase multiple plans?

The validity of the first plan will be overridden and the validity of second plan will apply.

If I purchase a cliQ plan and a standard data quota plan together and browse, from which plan will my data browsing happen?

Priority will be given to cliQ plan first. Once the cliQ plan expires your browsing will happen from the standard data quota plans.

What are the conditions of the product?

cliQ plan is limited to 3G network and FUQ applies.

My cliQ plan expired however my signal did not switch to 4G. What do I do?

Some devices/phones may require switching on & off of airplane mode to relatch to 4G network.

cliQ time based plans

Data Price (Rs.) Inclusive of Taxes
5 min 6
10 min 10
30 min 20
1 hour 25
4 hours 40
1 day 65
2 days 120
7 days 298
10 days 398
  • *cliQ Time-Based Plans are subject to FUP
  • *All customers who are registering to cliQ for the first time from 19th December, 2018 onwards will be subject to the above prices.

Product Details

  • » Available for Android and iOS (Version 9.0 upwards) smartphones
  • » When purchasing time-based internet packages through cliQ, Pre Paid customers will be charged from your prepaid account balance, while the charges for Post Paid will be added to your monthly bill.
  • » Prices include all government taxes.
  • » Multiple packs can be purchased and the duration will be accumulated.
  • » Remaining time duration to use will be shown in the app.
  • » Any of the standard prepaid data plans or postpaid data add-ons can be used along with this app
  • » Pay as you go data charging (Charging from the reload money you have in your account) for browsing will be blocked after registering for the app in order to avoid charges that can happen due to phone syncing, applications updates, etc.
  • » If you want to enable Pay as you go data again, the app will have to be unregistered.

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