Credit Management

Instant Loan

Ran out of Credit? Get an instant loan of up to Rs 80 for your calls, SMS or Internet usage. Simply dial *232#.


Eligible customers may receive a SMS with the allocated loan amount on reaching low balance in your main account.

How much credit can I get on an instant loan?

You can get up to Rs 80 of credit based on your recharge behavior & number of years that you have stayed with the Hutch network.  


How do I request a loan?


Method 1


Dial *232# to check eligibility.


Method 2


You will be notified via SMS on available credit options automatically when your account balance drops below Rs 5.

Am I eligible for this service?

You will be eligible for this service if you have recharged at least Rs. 300 within the last 2 months.

How can I re-pay the loan?

Loan amount will be automatically recovered in following ways when you do a recharge.

Method 1 – Full recovery

If the recharge is sufficient to recover the loan amount & service fee completely.

Method 2 – Partial Recovery

If the recharge is insufficient to recover the loan amount & service fee completely.


If your loan amount is Rs 60 & if you recharge Rs 30, Rs 25 will be deducted for the loan & Rs 5 will be credited to your main balance. (Balance outstanding of Rs 35 will be notified via SMS)

Can I request another loan without paying the loan back?

In order to request a loan, you must have completely paid back the previous loan taken.

Can I get this service for lifetime?

To enjoy this service continuously, make sure to maintain the eligibility criteria mentioned above.

What are the products & services I can purchase using this loan?
You can use the loan to purchase or activate any product or service offered through Hutch. This includes voice calls, SMSs, Data Packs, as well as other Value Added Services.