Hutch Buddy

Hutch Buddy is a comprehensive self care App that can be downloaded on your mobile or browsed on your desktop, laptop or tab. It enhances the customer experience by assisting you to manage and monitor your account at your own convenience during anytime of the day.

More about Hutch Buddy

Key features of Hutch Buddy

With Buddy the below features are available to you.

  • Check your balances ( Internet, Voice, SMS quota)
  • Check your recent activity ( Voice, SMS, Internet, Payments)
  • Buy Internet, Voice or SMS packs
  • Check the latest promotions
  • Reload your account/ Pay your bill using your credit or debit card ( Visa/Master)
  • Chat with a Customer Care Agent online

Find out what offers are available specially for you through the Hutch loyalty program

Add secondary numbers to switch and manage multiple accounts such as family numbers or dongle number.

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Download and Access Buddy

Web Android Windows Phone

Key Tabs on Hutch Buddy

My Account
With this tab you will be able to check your account balances, such as your Internet balance, SMS balance, and Voice balance. Under your internet balance different packs that have been purchased will be listed. If you are a postpaid customer your outstanding bill amount and your credit limit can be viewed under this tab under “Outstanding & Credit”.
Also once you click on Recent Activity, you can view your past 5 internet sessions, last 5 SMS’s sent your last 5 voice calls and your last 5 recharge or payments with regard to your prepaid or postpaid connection.

This tab allows you to choose and purchase internet, sms, voice plans with just one click.
If you are a prepaid customer all available prepaid packs will be listed under each category. Please click “Buy” to activate pack using either your account balance or purchase online with your credit or debit (Visa/ Master) card. If you are a postpaid customer all add on plans will be available you along with postpaid VAS services. Please click “Buy to activate” and you will be billed in your next statement.
If you wish to know any information about the pack or plan you wish to purchase please click the “i” button in front of the chosen pack/plan.
Also you can view the Latest Offers available on Hutch through this tab.

My offers
Offers available on this section will be customized according to your own usage patterns. These offers are special bonus offers designed for you in order to reward your loyalty to the Hutch network. Offers can vary from data, voice, SMS or VAS depending on your usage behavior.

Customer Service
This Tab offers you the unique feature of speaking to an agent online to resolve your query instantly through the online chat feature. Along with this the below key features are available on this tab;

  • Replace a lost/damaged SIM
  • Bill copy request/ E-bill request (7,14 & 30 day bills can be requested)
  • Disconnection/ Reconnection
  • Manual data Settings
  • Email Hutch through the Send Email tab
  • Use the FB/Twitter links to contact Hutch
  • All Hutch shop addresses & General contact details

Paying your bill or reloading your prepaid Hutch connection is no longer a hassle!
Both Prepaid & Postpaid customers can use this tab to Reload or Pay the outstanding bill amount. Customers can either use the online payment feature using a credit or debit card or pay using the Recharge card option where they will be prompted to enter the recharge card pin.

My Profile
This tab offers you more personalized features such as updating your personal profile & password reset. This tab carries an important feature of adding a secondary number. This option is available to customers who want to manage two or more Hutch numbers. Click on the “My profile tab” and then click on “Manage accounts”. Thereafter you can click on the “Add secondary account”. Please visit the FAQ page for more on this feature.

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Customer Benefit

By providing fast mobile access to information and product purchasing capabilities, Hutch is able to reduce customer frustrations about balances, payments, reloads and many other queries. This application enables customers to resolve their mobile issues without any delay and provides all round absolute customer service experience. As the Live Chat is also optimized for mobile devices, delivering real-time service anywhere when customers just need a little extra guidance or information.
The solution integrates with your existing customer service infrastructure so that customer requests or interactions aren’t dropped from the customer history or profile.

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General Questions

Do I need to pay for this app?

No. Downloading and browsing of Hutch Buddy is totally FREE!

Who can download/use?

New & existing Hutch customers can use this self care App/Web to manage their prepaid or postpaid Hutch connection.

How can I receive the 500 MB free data?

When you log in to the Hutch Buddy, please update your profile in the “My Profile” tab. Please note that all mandatory fields need to be filled in order to receive the free 500MB data. If you already received this offer by completing Profile in Buddy App, you will not be eligible for this offer.

What can Buddy do for me?

With this application the below features are available to you;

  • Check your balances
  • Check your recent activity (Voice, SMS, Internet, Payments)
  • Buy Internet, voice or SMS packs
  • Check the latest promotions
  • Reload your account/ Pay your bill
  • Chat with a customer care agent online
  • Find out what offers are available specially for you through the Hutch loyalty program
  • Add a secondary number to switch and manage multiple accounts ( Family members, dongles)

More About Download, Register & Login

How can I download Buddy?

Hutch Buddy is currently available on the android & Windows market. You can type “Hutch Buddy” on the search panel of the app Store to find the application. Once it’s found you need to download and install the application on to your device.

How can I use Buddy on web?

Just click on & you will be directed to Buddy on web. Don’t forget to bookmark it for easy access on later.

How do I register for Buddy?

If you are a first time user you will need to sign up using the simple registration form provided on the sign up section. To sign up you will need to click on the “Sign up” button on the Login screen and you will be redirected to the registration page. All fields marked “*” are mandatory fields which needs to be filled to complete the registration form. Once you register a temporary password will be sent to your registered Hutch number. Please use this password for your first login.

What do I do with the temporary password I received?

Once you receive your temporary password go back to the Hutch Buddy Log in screen and enter the provided password in the relevant password request box to access the application. Once logged in you will be prompted to change to a permanent password.

Can I access both Hutch Buddy App & Desktop versions using same user name & password?

Yes. You can use same user name & password for both Buddy App & Desktop.

More about My Account

How do I check my balances?

You can check your balances on the “My Account” tab. All the available balances will be listed on the page.

How do I check my recent activity?

Your last five transactions including recharge/ payment activity will be displayed in the “Recent Activity” inside the “My Account” tab.

What is Internet quota?

Internet Quota is your available data balance. This will be divided into your main balance and other balances which you have purchased. i.e. if you have purchased a Ghost pack it will be listed under Ghost Internet.

What is minute and SMS quota?

If you have purchased a SMS pack, or received free SMS from a different pack, your SMS quota will be listed in this section.

I am a postpaid customer how can I check my outstanding amount & credit limit?

Your outstanding balance and credit limit will be listed in the “Outstanding & Credit” section inside the “My account” tab. Your outstanding amount and credit limit will be listed separately.

More about Packages

How do I purchase a pack or activate a service on Buddy?

You can click on the “Packages” tab on Hutch Buddy and select packages available to you on Internet, Voice, SMS or IDD. You can either opt for purchase through your account balance or online purchase using a credit/debit (Master or Visa) card.

How do I activate a data pack if I don’t have balance on my account?

Select “Purchase online” once you click “buy” on the pack you wish to purchase. You will then be directed to a payment gateway to complete the transaction.

What can I purchase using “Packages” tab?

You can purchase all prepaid and postpaid products using this tab. All products relating to DATA, VAS & Voice can purchase through this tab using your account balance or a credit/debit card.

More about My Offer

What is My Offer tab is about?

This includes special offers available to you. These are special bonus offers designed for you in order to reward your loyalty to the Hutch network.

More about Payments

Can I pay my bill or do a reload using Credit/Debit card through Buddy?

Yes. You can pay your post pay bill or recharge your prepaid number using the “Payments/Reload” tab. You can either pay/ recharge using a credit or debit (Visa/Master) card.

Can I recharge my account through Buddy?

Yes. Please insert the pin in the provided space when you click the “Recharge card” option inside the payment tab.

More about My Profile

What are secondary numbers?

This option is available to customers who want to manage two or more Hutch numbers. Secondary numbers are Hutch numbers that you wish to keep track of. This number can vary from your Hutch Dongle to Hutch numbers used by your family members. Please note in order to add a secondary number you need to get the consent of the owner of this number as the verification code will be sent to the secondary number during activation.

How do I add a secondary number?

Click on the “My profile tab” and then click on “Manage accounts”. Thereafter you can click on the “Add secondary account”. Once the account is added you will be prompted to enter the verification code send to the secondary number.

How do I delete a secondary number?

You can delete a secondary number by clicking “Manage accounts” in “My profile” tab.

How do I update my profile?

If you wish to update your contact details or include any additional information you can do that by clicking on the “My profile” tab and “Update profile”.

How do I reset my password?

Once you log in with the temporary password you will be prompted to reset your password. If you do not receive the reset password prompt upon your first login, please click “My Profile” and Reset your password as per the given guidelines.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, please click “I can’t access my account” on the log in screen and click on “Forgot password” You will be prompted to enter your Hutch Mobile number. Once its entered, a temporary password will be sent to your registered Hutch mobile number. Please reset password after logging in.