Ghost Internet

Do you frequently download heavy files? Then we’ve got the ideal pack for you! Get extra special rates between 2.00 AM & 6.00 AM on Hutch.

Dial *131*6*2# to activate.


Purchase 3 of the same Ghost Internet packs within 15 days & get the 4th pack FREE ! (Rs. 45, 75 & 175 only) – This offer is only valid for purchases done through USSD or SMS.


Ghost Internet

Ghost Non-stop Internet


Rs. 75

Validity 7 Days
How to Activate
Reload Rs. 75
SMS i75 to 101
USSD *131*6*2*2#

Rs. 299

Validity 7 Nights
1am to 6am
How to Activate
SMS i299 to 101
USSD *131*6*1*2#


Rs. 175

Validity 15 Days
How to Activate
Reload Rs. 175
SMS i175 to 101
USSD *131*6*2*3#


Rs. 45

Validity 3 Days
How to Activate
Reload Rs. 45
SMS i45 to 101
USSD *131*6*2*1#

*Applicable Government taxes are included

Max Download Speed 3.6 Mbps
Min Upload Speed 512 Kbps
Excess data usage will be charged at
30cts –  12AM to 6PM (18hrs)
60cts  – 6PM to 12PM (6hrs)