Non Stop Internet

Internet plans that allow you to enjoy surfing, downloading & streaming on Netflix as much as you like.

Dial *131*6*1# to activate.

Non Stop Internet - DAY

Rs. 19

Validity 30 Minutes
12am to 6pm
How to Activate
SMS ti19 to 101
USSD *131*6*1*4#

Rs. 45

Validity 2 Hours
1am to 6pm
How to Activate
SMS ti45 to 101
USSD *131*6*1*2#

Non Stop Internet - NIGHT

Rs. 25

Validity 1 Hour
1am to 6pm
How to Activate
SMS ti25 to 101
USSD *131*6*1*1#

Rs. 70

Validity 5 Hours
1am to 6pm
How to Activate
SMS ti70 to 101
USSD *131*6*1*3#
Max Download Speed 3.6 Mbps
Min Upload Speed 512 Kbps
Excess data usage will be charged at
30cts –  12AM to 6PM (18hrs)
60cts  – 6PM to 12PM (6hrs)


What is ‘Non Stop’ internet’?

This is an internet plan that allows you to enjoy downloading as much as you like for a specific time slot.

Why should I use ‘Non Stop’ internet?

Non Stop internet has been specially designed for heavy downloading of large files such as Movies, Games & version updates more economically.

Can I use this pack any time of the day?

Non Stop internet packs are valid only between 12:00am & 6:00pm.

More FAQs

Can I activate this pack any time of the day?


You can activate Non Stop Internet plans only between 1:00am & 6:00pm

How will I be charged in this internet plan?


You will be charged a one time fee for the time duration of pack selected.

How does my number of Hours work?


Your time counts from the time you activated the pack and ends at the number of hours from the time of activation. E.g. If you bought the 5hr pack at 11am, then your pack will expire 5hrs later which is at 4pm.

What is the validity on Non Stop packs?


The pack will be valid only for the specific time duration from the time of activation.

What If I don’t use the complete time duration of the pack?


The pack will expire at the end of the valid duration. You cannot use it in intervals.

What if purchase multiple packs?


If a second pack is purchased while having an existing Non Stop plan active, the validity of the initial pack will be overridden and new validity will apply from time of activation of second pack.
Duration of second pack will not add on to the initial pack duration.