Trendy Tips

Keep up with the latest trends and get useful tips via SMS. Subscribe to any of the Trendy Tips services below.

Trendy Tips are available in English and Singlish where you can select your preferable language.

Services Language How to Activate How to Deactivate
Tips On Love, Relationships and Dating
English and Singlish SMS REG LOVE to 7777 SMS STOP LOVE to 7777
Tips on Beauty care for woman – Skin,Hair &
Total Body care
English SMS REG BTIPS to 7777 SMS STOP BTIPS to 7777
Tips on keeping fit and
Healthy Living
English SMS REG FIT to 7777 SMS STOP FIT to 7777
English SMS REG JOKES to 7777 SMS STOP JOKES to 7777
Motivational & Inspirational
quotes from Mr. Shantha
English SMS REG MANASA to 7777 SMS STOP MANASA to 7777

*For USSD activation Dial *777#

What is Trendy Tips?

Trendy Tips give information on beauty, fitness, motivation, career etc.

How do I register for this service?

You can subscribe via SMS. Simply send a SMS REGTIPS NAME to 7777 Eg: SMS REG LOVE to 7777

How do I deactivate from this service?

Send a SMS to STOP TIPS NAME 7777 Eg: SMS STOP LOVE to 7777.

How much am I charged for subscribing for this service?

Monthly charges Rs.30 +Tax