Train Tickets

Put an end to standing in queues at the railway station. Simply pick up your phone and dial 365 to book train tickets.

Special Train Schedules for Sri Pada Season

·         Available reservation classes – Observation (OFV)

·         Ticket price – 1st observation – Rs.1000.00 between any station

·         Train numbers – 2001 (Colombo – Hatton ) , 2002 (Hatton- Colombo)

2001- Colombo – Hatton

Arrival Departure
Fort 19.30
Ragama 19.52
Gampaha 20.05
Weyangoda 20.18
Meerigama 20.30
Polgahawela 20.54
Rambukkana 21.06
Ihala Kotte 21.33
Kadugannawa 21.56
Peradeniya 22.15
Gampola 22.51
Nawalapitiya 23.18
Watawala 00.05
Hatton 00.45

2002- Hatton – Colombo

Arrival Departure
Hatton 08.30
Nawalapita 09.40
Gampola 10.16
Peradeniya 10.53
Kadugannawa 11.42
Balana 11.52
Kadigamuwa 12.20
Rambukkana 12.49
Polgahawela 13.01
Meerigama 13.26
Weyangoda 13.38
Gampha 13.51
Ragama 14.04
Maradana 14.23
Fort 14.30

Operating Dates

2001- Colombo –Hatton


02nd ,03rd ,04th, 08th, 09th ,10th,13th ,16th ,17th ,18th ,23rd ,24th  and 25th


01st ,02nd ,03rd ,04th ,08th,09th ,10th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 23rd, 24th ,25th ,30th and 31st


06th, 07th ,08th, 09th, 10th, 11th, 20th, 21st, 22nd ,27th ,28th ,29th and 30th

2002- Hatton –Colombo


02nd ,03rd, 04th, 05th, 09th, 10th, 11th,14th, 17th, 18th, 19th ,24th ,25th and 26th


02nd ,03th, 04th ,05th ,09th ,10th ,11th ,17th ,18th, 19th, 24th , 25th, 26th and 31st


01st , 07th ,08th ,09th ,10th ,11th ,12th ,21st, 22nd ,23rd ,29th and 30th



Train Schedules – Click the required destination tab to find out more details

Train Code Departure
Arrival (Kandy)
1009 – Intercity Express 7.00am 9.31am
1029 – Intercity Express 3.35pm 6.06pm
1031 – Intercity Express
(Saturdays, Sundays and Mercantile Holidays only)
8.50am 11.26am
1111 – Rajadani (FOT-KDT-1029) 3.35pm 6.06pm
Train Code Departure (Kandy) Arrival (Col-Fort)
1010 – Intercity Express 3.00pm 5.36pm
1032 – Intercity Express
(Saturdays, Sundays and Mercantile Holidays only)
4.55pm 7.30pm
2222 – Rajadani (KDT-FOT-1030) 6.15am 8.52am
Train Code Departure
Arrival (Vavuniya)
4003 – Vavuniya Intercity 3.55pm 8.55pm
Train Code Departure (Vavuniya) Arrival
4004 – Vavuniya Intercity 5.45am 10.25am
Train Code Departure
Arrival (Vavniya)
1005 – Podi Menike 5.55am 4.00pm
1007 – Intercity Express 8.30am 5.55pm
1015 – Udarata Menike 9.45am 07.25pm
1045 – Night Mail Badulla 8.00pm 7.10am following day
7777 – Rajadani (FOT-BAD-1007) 8.15am 5.53pm
Train Code Departure (Badulla) Arrival
1006 – Podi Menike 8.30am 7.00pm
1008 – Intercity Express 10.00am 8.25pm
1016 – Udarata Menike 5.45am 3.27pm
1046 – Night Mail Badulla 6.00pm 5.17am following day
8888 – Rajadani (BAD-FOT-1008) 10.00am 8.25pm
Train Code Departure
Arrival (Batticaloa)
6011-Intercity Express 6.10am 2.20pm
6079-Nightmail 7.15pm 4.00am following day
Train Code Departure (Batticaloa) Arrival
6012-Intercity Express 7.15am 3.25pm
6080-Nightmail 8.15pm 4.55am following day
Train Code Departure
Arrival (Matara)
50-(8003)-Express 6.55am 10.53am
Train Code Departure (Matara) Arrival
51-(8004)-Express 2.10pm 6.12pm
Train Code Departure
Arrival (Kilinochchi)
4089 – NightMail 8.15pm 4.10am following day
4001 – Yal devi 5.45am 12.35pm
4017 – InterCity 6.50am 11.48am
Train Code Departure
4090 – NightMail 8.30pm 4.40am following day
4002 – Yal devi 6.00am 1.00pm
4018 – InterCity 2.10pm 7.16pm

Applicable charges

  • The value of the ticket(s) + 15% convenience fee (17% for Rajadhani Express) +
  • A per second fee of 17 cents (inclusive of tax) will be charged for the call.


  • Hutch will not be responsible for refunds of any cost due to cancellations or changes in your travel plans or due to any train delays/cancellations.
  • Refunding shall be carried out according to the Railway Rules and Regulations
  • Cancellation will be handled at the Railway Station M-Seat Reservation System at least 24 hours in advance.
  • For assistance you can call Sri Lanka Railways hotline 1919

To provide you a fast and efficient service, we request you to take note of below information

  • Book your tickets well in advance to ensure availability, specially for travel on peak days including long weekends/holidays.
  • Make sure you are ready with the necessary information such as date & time,route,number of seats etc.
  • You will be required to have the entire transaction value in your mobile balance to complete the booking.
  • Upon successful reservation , you will receive an SMS with booking details including a reference number.
  • You can use this information to collect the physical ticket(s) from the below mentioned stations.
  • You can make a maximum of 5 tickets from one Hutch Number
  • Tickets can be booked up to 45 days in advance.
  • Bookings will close 2 hours prior to train departure time

Stations where tickets can be collected

Aluthgama Kalutara
Anuradhapura Kanthale
Badulla Kilinochchi
Bandarawela Kurunegala
Batticalo Matara
China bay Nanuoya
Colombo Fort Nawalapitiya
Diyathalawa Pallai
Ella Peradeniya
Galle Polgahawela
Galoya Polonnaruwa
Gampaha Thabalagamuwa
Haputale Trincomalee
Hatton Trincomalee
Hikkaduwa Valichchena
Hingurakgoda Vavuniya
Kalutara Veyangoda
Kandy Welikanada