Cricket Alerts


How to activate


Monthly Pack(Daily Alerts relating to call cricket matches and cricketers news) Send CKT to 456 Rs.30+tax/Month
Daily Pack(Daily Alerts relating to all cricket Matches & Cricket News – Daily Subscription) Send CKT1 to 456 Rs.1/day +tax
Series Pack(Daily Alerts only within the selected series of your choice) Send SP SRI to 456 Rs.30+tax/Month
Special Events Pack( 4s, 6s, wickets, toss, Final result) Send SE SRI to 456 Rs.30+tax/Month
On Demand(This service will be activate only while a match is played) To find out about special moments mentioned below, simply SMS the folloging codes to 456Score CKT SRI SCO

Details : CKT SRI DET

Highlights: CKT SRI HIG

Players: CKT SRI PLA

Bowlers: CKT SRI BOW

Schedule: CKT SCH

Help: CKT Help

Rs.3 Per SMS +tax