Cricket Alerts


How to activate


Monthly Pack(Daily Alerts relating to call cricket matches and cricketers news) Send CKT to 456 Rs.30
Daily Pack(Daily Alerts relating to all cricket Matches & Cricket News – Daily Subscription) Send CKT1 to 456 Rs.1/1day
Series Pack(Daily Alerts only within the selected series of your choice) Send SP SRI to 456 Rs.30
Special Events Pack( 4s, 6s, wickets, toss, Final result) Send SE SRI to 456 Rs.30
On Demand(This service will be activate only while a match is played) To find out about special moments mentioned below, simply SMS the folloging codes to 456Score CKT SRI SCO

Details : CKT SRI DET

Highlights: CKT SRI HIG

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Bowlers: CKT SRI BOW

Schedule: CKT SCH

Help: CKT Help

Rs.3 Per SMS